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Structure parameters

Formula - B Na O8 Si3 -
Calculated formula - B4 Na4 Oa8 Ob8 Oc8 Od8 Si12 -
Title of publication Crystal structure of reedmergnerite, a boron albite, and its relation to feldspar crystal chemistry
Authors of publication Appleman, D. E.; Clark, J. R.
Journal of publication American Mineralogist
Year of publication 1965
Journal volume 50
Pages of publication 1827 - 1850
a 7.833 Å
b 12.36 Å
c 6.803 Å
α 93.308°
β 116.352°
γ 92.055°
Cell volume 587.819 Å3
Number of distinct elements 4
Hermann-Mauguin symmetry space group C -1
Hall symmetry space group -P 1 (1/2*x+1/2*y,1/2*x-1/2*y,-z)
Has coordinates Yes
Has disorder No
Has Fobs No

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