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Structure parameters

Formula - Al O3 Sc -
Calculated formula - Al4 O12 Sc4 -
Title of publication The thermal expansion of ScAlO3 - a silicate perovskite analogue Sample: T = 800 C
Authors of publication Hill, R. J.; Jackson, I.
Journal of publication Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
Year of publication 1990
Journal volume 17
Pages of publication 89 - 96
a 4.9767 Å
b 5.2584 Å
c 7.2604 Å
α 90°
β 90°
γ 90°
Cell volume 190.001 Å3
Ambient diffraction temperature 1073.15 K
Number of distinct elements 3
Hermann-Mauguin symmetry space group P b n m
Hall symmetry space group -P 2c 2ab
Has coordinates Yes
Has disorder No
Has Fobs No

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