May 4, 2005

Dear Bill,

We had some reflection about your suggestion that "Letters of
support for the COD from crystallographers unable to obtain
a copy of the Cambridge Database might be helpful."

We are conscious that the CSD as well as ICSD, CRYSTMET
and also ICDD with the PDF-4 would better realize than us, at
the COD, this Open Data objective which is already attained
for parts through the PDB, AMCSD and NDB.

The conclusion is that we have slightly changed our message,
and are making a suggestion in a "Petition for Open Data in

We give you the opportunity to be one of the very first to sign this
petition, either positively or negatively. The text announcing the
petition is below, and will start to circulate tomorrow on the

The COD Advisory Board

Dear Crystallographer,

If you have difficulties in accessing the crystallography
databases (CSD, ICSD, CRYSTMET, ICDD), you may consider
to give your opinion by signing the petition in favour
of opening the access to crystal data on the Web.


Thanks !

The COD Advisory Board